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Fuck Yes!

Weighing yourself after you’ve just eaten your weight in fruit and cereal and still being three kilos lighter than when you last weighed yourself. I’m happy :D


The relief felt when I’ve had a pretty bad week and expected to have put on a lot of weight, and weigh myself to discover that I’m at 55kgs. It’s still a small gain, but it’s no where near as bad as I thought it was.

Weigh In

I lost another kilogram!! :D So now I weigh in at 54 kgs/118 lbs. Only one more kilogram until I reach my second goal weight!! :D

And I’m Back in the Game!!

I don’t know what was up with me yesterday; if it was just water weight or if I’m a God who can just manage to drop two kilograms in one day even though I ate a huge amount of food. I’m leaning more towards the first option though. Anyway, guess who is officially back at 55kgs?!?! That would be me! :D

Weigh In.

I weighed myself a day earlier than usual and I think that I may have lost half a pound or so. Last week the scale just said that I was at 55kg, but it could have been slightly more. This time though it’s definitely on it or possibly slightly under. I’m going to fast today (unless my damn mother interferes) and try and sneak into my mum’s room tomorrow and weigh myself again. I just want one kilograms difference!

Weigh in

I lost another two kilograms!! :D   So now I weigh in at 55kg/121 lbs. I’m so damn proud of myself!

Weigh In

According to my scales I’m now just a tiny, and I mean tiny, bit over 57kgs. Kind of in between 57 and 58, but closer to 57. I wish that I had scales that weighed in pounds so that I could see how much I’ve really lost. One kilogram is around 2.2 lbs, so I might have lost 2lbs, maybe, hopefully.