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Life is Shit When…

You can’t vomit up everything that you just ate because you’re too tired. I hate food.


Having your han…

Having your hands smell like vomit. Yay!….


I feel so gross/sick/fat/bloated. My Nan dropped off this packet of little lindt easter eggs for me. I sat down on my bed with them in front of me staring at them. I don’t really like lindt eggs because they have this creamy stuff inside them which always ends up making me sick, but almost like a robot with no control over myself I proceeded to eat four. Four! Four! FOUR! FUCKING FOUR EGGS! Then because I felt ill from all of the sugar and lactose and gross things in chocolate I went to get something salty so I made vegemite on toast which then resulted in a further binge which I’m too ashamed to post on here. I started to shake for some reason, I’m thinking it was because I don’t usually eat much sugar at all and within the past 24 hours I’ve had more than I would in a week. Anyway, I layed down on my bed and apparently fell asleep because I woke up feeling even sicker an hour later. Now I’m going to go and burn 850 calories because they have to go, and get my sister some dinner. I feel like death. Hopefully I drop dead on my walk. We can only hope.