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Was a good day :) I did a huge amount of walking, had a small tabbouleh salad for lunch, two corn thins and some stir-fried spicy vegetables for dinner. Now just to keep this up for the next few months!

Day Two

Another successful day of fasting :) Today was more difficult mind you. Once I break the barrier of hunger this should be so much easier.

89 Hour Fast

I broke it at 5:15 this morning because I couldn’t sleep. It was the longest that I’ve fasted in a long time so I’m quite proud :) I’m going to try again next week and see how long I can last. I’m aiming for 5 days, but who knows what will happen.

Food Log: 10/08/2012

B-  Nil

L-  Nil

D-  Vegetable Stir-fry (124)  Apple (60)

S-  Blueberries (61)  2 Corn Thins (46) 1 small Mandarin (19)

Total: 310

I took my dog on an hour long walk aswell so I would say that I’m quite happy with today :)

Thinspo Quotes

Thinspo Quotes

Past Three Days…

I have consumed a no more than 280 calories each day, plus some moderate exercise on each of those days (Walking the dog, cleaning the house, shopping). I like that :)

Success! Yay!

I wasn’t remotely hungry, but I made a bowl of stir-fried veggies to keep my parents happy. I felt like I was going to explode when I had finished, but it would have been lucky to have been over 100 calories.

I’m going out tomorrow so that will be around 3 hours of walking aimlessly between shops and through the city gardens, plus I’m going just before lunchtime so I’m going to say that I ate a big lunch while I was out and try my hardest to avoid dinner. If I can’t though I’ll just do what I did tonight. 53kgs is so close, so so close. If I keep at it like this I can easily be there by the end of this week.

I had a moment last night when I remembered being stuck at 57kgs and wishing that I was plateaued at 55. Now I keep going back and forth between 54 and 55 and it’s driving me insane. It just shows how I probably will never be happy with my weight.

Good Moods, they seem to come ever so rarely now…

Today started out pretty crappy because of my stressful maths exam, but with that out of the way it turned out to be quite good :)  I think I feel happy, though I can’t really tell because honestly, I don’t think that I put the right names to my emotions. Anyway, everything seems to be going reasonably well for me now and I’m hoping that it continues that way for at least a week. I’m just going to keep drinking green tea and press on!

A successful day :)

I managed a successful day of fasting today. I think that it was easier because I had probably eaten enough calories to last me a week the two days prior to it though. My mindset is pretty good at the moment so I’m going to see if I can break my fasting record of around 50 hours. It’s strong and determined not to eat. I opened the pantry earlier to see what was there because I was going to have a little nibble, but as soon as I looked at the food I just felt sick and it looked unappetizing. Hopefully that feeling sticks around for the next few days. I just need to be at 53kgs. It’s only one kilogram more to lose.

I hate how the lower my weight gets, the harder it becomes to lose. I lost two kilograms in one week so easily before, and now I have to work at it so much. It will happen though, all in good time. I will get there.

Weigh In

I lost another kilogram!! :D So now I weigh in at 54 kgs/118 lbs. Only one more kilogram until I reach my second goal weight!! :D