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Food Log: 15/08/2012

Day two of no food. I felt fine throughout the day, but I’m a tad light headed now. Nothing a cup of tea won’t fix though (:

I can tell that tomorrow is going to be a bit of a struggle because I’ve got the house to myself which is when I usually cave. I’m going to be strict with my suppresents, taking three probably, I think I’ll take a walk up to the store aswell to buy another bottle of diet coke. I just want to pull this off until Friday night, have dinner and then start again. I want my bones.

Food Log: 10/08/2012

B-  Nil

L-  Nil

D-  Vegetable Stir-fry (124)  Apple (60)

S-  Blueberries (61)  2 Corn Thins (46) 1 small Mandarin (19)

Total: 310

I took my dog on an hour long walk aswell so I would say that I’m quite happy with today :)

Food Log: 9/08/2012

I ate nothing all day until I got to work and the girls had champagne and cookies out the back. I was light-headed and the champagne didn’t help so I had a cookie, which turned to two, which turned to three and you can probably work out the rest. It only got worse once I got home. I probably consumed at least 1500 calories by the end of my disgusting binge on porridge, muffins, doritos, yoghurt, fruit, tabouli, corn thins and cake. I’ll just have to look at this day as my ‘muck up day’ for the week :(

Food Log: 8/08/2012

B-  Nil

L- 2 Dates (22)  2 Honey rice cakes (37)

D-  Stuffed Bell Pepper w/ brown rice & vegetables (181)   Roast Carrot (30)   Bean Salad (46)

S-  Apple (55)   18 Almonds (130)


Better than yesterday, but I know that it could have been better. I have to avoid those nuts! I walked to the store and bought myself some dried blueberries, which are pretty low cal and low fat if I only have a couple at a time.

Food Log: 7/08/2012

B-  2 eggs (176)  1 tomato (27)  3/4 cup spinach (8)

L-  Coles Asian Salad without noodles and half the dressing (110 approx.)

D-  Nil

S- 2 apples (135)  8 almonds (58)  16 dates (182)  4 corn thins (90)

Total: 786

Not really happy about that, at all. Dates are my major weakness and my mum bought me a packet. It was all healthy though, so one step at a time. It will be better tomorrow. Each day I will get stronger!