The secret door to my internal struggles. It's a dark battle and it's never going to be won. At least not by me.

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One Day.

Yesterday- Fasting, diet cokes, cigarettes

Today- Food, diet cokes, cigarettes, laxatives

One day I’m going to have a normal day that I don’t feel guilty about. One day.

The constant internal battle…

To eat, or not to eat.

I’m so hungry …

I’m so hungry :( Why can’t thin just come to me naturally?

Day Two

Another successful day of fasting :) Today was more difficult mind you. Once I break the barrier of hunger this should be so much easier.




I seem to have …

I seem to have spent my entire day drinking herbal tea and looking at thinspo, instead of working on the pile of assignments that I have due in two days. Go me!

29th August- Day Two

Wow, I’m feeling so light-headed :/ If I cave before Friday I’m going to be so disappointed in myself.

Stay strong and starve on! I have to keep reminding myself, you don’t get thin and food together. It’s one or the other.

28th August, 2012

I ate nothing today. Just tea and exercise :)

Happy Days

No food today :)


Tomorrow is Monday, which means no food until I can’t take it any longer.  Just coffee, diet soda, appetite suppressants, the occasional low-cal cocoa(when I feel my glucose levels dropping too much), herbal tea and black tea. I wonder how long I can last…