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If this was tum…

If this was tumblr I would ask for hate mail in my ask box. Since it isn’t feel free to abuse me publicly by commenting. I had to bake some biscuits for my Mum’s girls night in a few days, which I thought I should try. Oh how stupid I was. What a fail of a fast. Off to purge the contents of my stomach…

Please be skinny

I try to fast the day before I weigh myself or just eat egg whites, but that has failed. I was getting the shakes (which I assume is because all that I’ve eaten over the past two days is a bit of salad) so I had some cucumber and my mum is starting to catch on to what I’m doing, so I’m going to roast some mushrooms for dinner. I have the feeling that they might make me put on water weight, but I don’t know. If I haven’t lost any weight over this past week I’m going to cry and probably end up cutting myself again, so fingers crossed that the number on the scale is smaller than before.



Fun times when your mum makes you drink one of these in the morning when you’re supposed to be drinking only tea, green tea and miso soup. Yay for almost 200 calories in one tiny package! -_-