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Daily Intake

B Nil

L Nil

D 3 Corn Thins (66) 1 small Fuji apple (55) 1 small Mandarin (26)

S 15 Jelly Babies (180)  Fuck my life :(  I was mindlessly eating and got up to 15 before I realised what I was doing.

Exercise Walk home from school (-44)

Net. Total: 283                         I regret those jelly babies like you wouldn’t believe. They weren’t even that nice!

Emotional Hell

The past three days have been an emotional hell for me which resulted in A LOT of emotional eating. My first priority was to get my head back to a focused and reasonably stable perspective so I basically ate anything that I felt like (luckily most of the food that I felt like was healthy). Anyway, today my mind is definitely better so enough of the emotional eating and back on track I go.

Today I’ve had a medium size apple (80), 4 corn thins (92) and a bowl of homemade vegetable soup (approx. 100). That should do me for today, but if I get hungry later I’ll have some more soup, but half the amount and I’ll just add water to make it seem like more.

Since I’ve been eating an awful lot as of late I’m going to reduce my intake slowly, so that I get used to operating on fewer calories again, and then start pulling the fasts that I was so damn good at. Hopefully it all goes according to plan.

Why aren’t I thin?!

Apparently 1,400 calories is the recommended intake for a 4-6 year old girl. Normally I’d be lucky to make it over 200, so why am I still fat?

Oh that’s right, because I’m a weak, stupid, and fat girl who gives in to fucking grilled cheese sandwiches and raisin bread. Ughh!

Shit Yes!

B Nil

L Nil

D 1 cup of spinach (7) 1/2 cup of cucumber slices (8)

Intake: 15 calories

Exercise: Longest walk of my life (-376)

Net Calories: -361

Best day that I’ve had in months! :D

Stay strong and starve on

B Nil

L 1/3 cup of cucumber slices (6)

D 1 cup of roast pumpkin (30)  1 cup of spinach (7)

Total Intake: 43 cal.

Exercise: Jog (-100) Walking home from school (-41)

Net calories: -98

I’m quite proud of that, if I do say so myself :)