They don’t notice and they don’t care.

by Perpetual Slumber

My younger sister has become quite down over the past week or two so my mum now thinks that she has depression. I don’t understand. One small change in her character and the entire family swarms to try and help. I’ve had eating problems for the past four years and all I get is abuse from everyone for not eating or eating too much. I’ve had depression on and off for the past five years and nobody has ever noticed or said a thing. I’ve tried to take my life twice and contemplate it at least twice a day, and nobody notices how much pain I’m in or asks how I am. I’ve been self-harming for the second time around for nearly a year and nobody said anything when I was younger and nobody cares now. I could successfully attempt suicide and they still probably wouldn’t care because my sister is a little blue. Why don’t they care about me?