I love being in power

by Perpetual Slumber

I didn’t plan to eat dinner tonight so I was playing computer games in my bedroom. My Dad yells out to me saying that he’s made me dinner so naturally I freak out and try and think of all the ways that I can get out of it or get rid of the calories after. I walk downstairs and the kitchen smells interesting, I looked into the frying pan and he’s frying these flour covered weird vegetarian burgers. Straight away I freak out again telling him how I don’t eat things that other people cook for me because I like cooking for myself, especially things that are covered in flour and fried because it’s gross, but he put one on my plate anyway. I tried a tiny mouthful and they tasted like flour and dough, thankfully (If they had been like my Mum’s vegetarian burgers I would have been screwed because they taste amazing). I picked it apart saying that I was getting all of the flour off, which was about half the burger, and then played with it and squished it around my plate for about 10 minutes. I could feel everyone watching me, but I wasn’t going to eat this gross, floury, fried burger when I’m supposed to be fasting. I feel kind of bad because I think that I hurt my Dad’s feelings, but really, he’ll forget about it by tomorrow morning. If I downed all those calories from his gross burgers it would push me back a week and probably make me fatter. That would never be forgotten.