My Friday Night

by Perpetual Slumber

So I was going really well. I ate my salad and a small piece of bread. Then my cousin, who works at a bakery, came over with blueberry scones and banana bread. Since I’m the weak little girl that I am I completely caved and ate too much banana bread to mention on here and a blueberry scone, but that wasn’t enough for fat little me was it?! So I went and ate some lolly snakes and pretzels. God damnit!!  Then I went to the bathroom to purge it all, but my parents and cousin were sitting in the room next to the bathroom and after I purged most of what I eat I start to make weird noises and I knew that they would be able to hear me :( I purged all of the scone and for some reason all of the salad and veggie sausage, which I ate first. So I still have the banana bread, pretzels and snakes inside me. I feel so fat and bloated and sick and I just want to vomit it all up. I’ll probably end up cutting myself again tonight, since I only end up feeling worse as the night progresses. Just as my old cuts were beginning to heal…